Tubular Stainless Steel Barrel Handle – 12mm Barrel – 96mm – 792mm CC



Stainless Steel (Finish 38) European T-Bar barrel handles reflecting today’s most popular trend in cabinet hardware.

The barrel measures 12mm (.47”) and extends 27mm (approx. 1.06”) past each vertical post.
The projection measures 34mm (approx. 1.33”)

Choose from a large range of center to center sizes from 96mm (3.72”) up to 792mm (31.18”.) Strong and durable, these T-Bar style handles add a clean, modern look to any room in your house. 4mm break-away screws included. (please note: measurements are for quick reference only – not intended as pre-drilling specifications)

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HL1514000-38 / 96mm CC, HL151400-38 / 128mm CC, HL151401-38 / 160mm CC, HL151402-38 / 192mm CC, HL151403-38 / 242mm CC, HL151404-38 / 320mm CC, HL151405-38 / 392mm CC, HL151406-38 / 492mm CC, HL151407-38 / 592mm CC, HL151408-38 / 692mm CC, HL151409-38 / 792mm CC


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